Long term leases

The only “Full Service” property in Panama.
LIVE LIKE A KING:We take care of everything.

Hi, I am Moti
I built Punta malibu, and personally love living here. Why?  I get to walk and swim in the ocean each day, and my dedicated crew cleans and maintains my Ocean Pad.

Now you too can enjoy the same lifestyle, at an amazing price. Seriously, add up the cost of a regular apartment rental in the Coronado area, then add up maid services, laundry, and all other fees.  I believe you will find my 6-12 Months rental package is a deal.

  • Pet friendly
  • On site maid
  • Includes Housekeeping, WiFi, Netflix, Water, Elec
  • Private Pool
  • 24 hours security
  • 100% maintenance, and bill paying free.
  • On The Water Balcony
  • Close to the seafood market
  • Amazing and safe place as a long term
  • 6 Month lease May-Oct $1500
  • Yearly lease $2000-$2500

P.S  We are always booked in the tourist season.  So, make your plan way ahead of time to secure your apartment.