Punta Malibu is a unique boutique hotel with 4 oceanfront pads. Each unit is 100% maintained by the administration at a cost of $200 a month.

Future Plans: Each pad will eventually be s a 2 bedroom/2 bath units, and another complete 1 bedroom apt with a seperate entrance can be added on the 2nd floor, or be included in the first floor plan.

Purchase: We ask that you rent first, so you can fully experience and appreciate the work and love that went into this project.

Work in progress: The first floor phase is done, and the 2nd floor will be customized according to each owner’s specification. Currently we are: planting trees, finishing the Studios, automating the gates, and fixing the road.

Foundation:  Punta Malibu was built on 24 columns, 4 meters deep.  Then cross connected with heavy cement beams, and over 1000 Rebars in the final top slab.

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Roof:  Our roof system was built for climate control, with 2 main roof systems, and a 30″ gap for the hot air to escape.  In addition, a 3′ foam insulation was inserted.  The end results is wonderfully cool apts all year long

Windows: A unique European window frame was used throughout the project to give the owner the option to open each window 100%, and to create a wonderful cross breeze flowing through, and quiet when needed.


Carpentry:We have used the wonderful German carpenter Peter from Wood Arts to build all of our kitchens and closets.


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