Paula Suryaflow

Paula Suryaflow, or Paula Pourtuges is a Yoga teacher in Santiago Chile, who founded the Yoga school Surya College in San diego. I discovered Paula Suryaflow online watching her website:  And communicated with her at  

At the time, I was looking to get into the Yoga Retreat business. So, after a few conversations with Paula, I invited her to visit me.  She accepted my offer, and came down and stayed with me for a week.

I must say, it was an interesting week. We shared wine, ate good food, but oddly enough she never demonstrated her yoga.  All and all we had a nice time, but the red flags were just too obvious. 

One of the things that surprised me about her was that she was pretty much a very simple woman.  Not a thinker, somewhat limited in conversations, and intellect. 

In our conversations, she was often quite argumentative, and it was clear to me she had a chip on her shoulders. I remember thinking this woman clearly went through some truma, and although she promotes herself as a peace loving Yogi, I very quickly realized there was a dark side to her. 

One of the few red flags was when she was bragging to me that she gets women to do her work, and pay them with Yoga.  Trading services is not wrong, but the way she put it, left a bad taste in my mouth.  It just felt wrong, manipulative, and almost unethical.

She told me she was a divorced woman with 4 grown kids, and was married to Ronald Hirsch, a successful builder in Santiago Chile.  She also told me she instigated the divorce, and all I was thinking was WHY?  In researching her husband, clearly her husband was a good man, and continued to support her quite nicely after the divorce with a fairly lavish lifestyle.  Not only was he financially supporting her and her kids for years, she told me that her kids hated their father. Again, very bad form.

Each day I was with her, there was always something that was odd.  At the time I could not put my finger on it, but hey we all have a life to lead, and life is not easy.  What I did not expect was how things would turn Narcissistically dark only a few days later.

PauIa was clearly materialistic, and was not even subtle about it.  She kept repeating to me that she can not be bought.  Yet, she repeatedly told me ” I am an expensive woman”.  I just laughed it off, and  crossed it as another red flag. She also was not shy about saying, “the only reason to couple with another person, is if it means financial improvement for her”. 

I remember looking at her and thinking how delusional she must be.   What exactly can a mature woman with 4 kids offer me.  Women are often quick to talk about love, and romance, and think  all they need to bring to the table is beauty and sex.  This may work for teenagers, not for people over 50s.

By that time, I knew exactly what I was dealing with.   But, I knew she paid to come see me, and I decided to be cordial and a good host.  I was quite clear that we will not cooperate on a Yoga business, and most likely not see each other again. But, in the following days, things further develop between us, and between drinking too many wines, and smoking pot each night, I let my guards down, and we ended up getting sexually involved.

Yes, getting sexually involved with her was a mistake.  Oddly enough, even sex with her was a red flag on its own.  To me, it was as if her body was detached from her head, and as if she was on the outside looking in.  Definitely a weird sexual experience, and definitely no connection. Sex is an energy transfer, and she is not a giver in the least. Practically a sexual Narcissistic experience is how I would define it. Her body, although in great shape, just felt dead to me.

On her last day, when I took her to the airport, it felt odd.  I knew things would not work between us, but was looking for a way to end things in the nicest way possible. Not only did I not see a way to work with her business wise, I knew she had nothing to offer me.  Nor any men for that matter.  She was broken.

Sure enough over the next week or so, we drifted apart, and funny enough it turned out she felt the same as I did. Great, an amicable split and no hard feeling you would assume. BUT, this is where things got weird.  There was an item of mine that she walked off with, and she promised me that she would return it, as soon as she is back to my area.

Over the following month, I did not want to keep seeing her on my feed, so I stopped following her on her Instagram account.  And this is where things got aggressively weird.

It became apparent that she was really mad at me, because immediately she blocked me. on her Instagram.  Furthermore, in each conversation thereafter, she got nastier, and took further actions to punish me.  After blocking me on Instagram,  a few days later, she also blocked me on Whatsapp.  Again, she promised me that she would return the item, but her actions and angry emails clearly was her way of NOT returning the item.

I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but here we are 4 months later,  and my missing item is still missing.  I asked her to ship it via FedEx. SHE IS YET TO COMPLY.

At this point, I am truly amazed.  I can take the financial loss of the missing item, but I am curious to see how LOW Paula will go.  One would assume that she would have some class and dignity, and will return the missing item, and just move on.   Time will tell.

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