* Monthly rentals: Rent 3 weeks, and get 1 week off
* Single occupancy: 50% off standard rates

Studios: If you are looking for a cheaper option, check out our Studio+Half bath option. Monday-Thursday Only, we offer our Studios for $69.00 for 1 person, or $99.00 for 2 persons. It’s not as exciting as our Ocean Pads, but you can use the beach, the pool, the BBQ, and the hammocks on the balcony. Limited availability.
SOLO DÍAS DE LA SEMANA: Si está buscando una opción más económica, consulte nuestra opción Estudio + Medio baño. Solo de lunes a jueves, ofrecemos nuestros estudios por $ 69.00 para 1 persona o $ 99.00 para 2 personas. No es tan emocionante como nuestros Ocean Pads, pero es más económico. Puedes usar la playa, la piscina, la BBQ, y las hamacas del balcón. Disponibilidad limitada.

Can you buy an Ocean Pad? So, here is the short answer.  I intent on remaining an investor in Punta Malibu, as I honestly can not find a better place to invest my money. Punta Malibu is an awesome way for me to live rent free, get services, be social, and derive an income on my investment.  I have built an amazing place,  and I want to take my time in finishing it.

While most realtors always exaggerate their real estate income potential, Punta Malibu is already a success.   So, rather than list with brokers, and be constantly interrupted with showing, I prefer to sell  directly.  To view the property, please schedule a stay as a guest first.  Once here, I will meet you personally, and you will get a first hand opportunity to experience what makes Punta Malibu unique.

Punta malibu is A “one of a kind” full service Oceanfront Residence development in the Playa Malibu Coronado area.  With only 4 Ocean Pad residences. Each unit is 100% maintained, cleaned, painted, repaired, secured, and rented for income.

1. Onsite maintenance & rental management.
2. Daily cleaning and laundry service.
3. 24/7 security

4. Income stream in place

The four Ocean Pad residences are a 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms apartment on the 1st floor, ranging in sizes from 120 – 140 sqm, and are available for rent.  

1st floor: Ocean Pads
Ocean Pad 1:  130 Sqm: $450,000
Ocean Pad 2:  120Sqm:  $420,000
Ocean Pad 3:  125 Sqm: $437,500 
Ocean Pad 4:  140 Sqm  $490,000

Common areas: Guard/Pool/Parking-Social area: 165 meters