Can you buy an Ocean Pad. We are currently still adding our Skypads, and have yet to offer any of our Pads for sale.  At this point, we are only interested in partners who can add to our offering.  Currently at the top of our list is a Chef/Yoga or wellness expert/operator for our 4 Skypads.

While most realtors always exaggerate their real estate income potential, Punta Malibu is already a success.  In only one year we have built an amazing following (Instagram @Punta_Malibu), and  I am confident we will continue to grow.

Punta malibu is A “one of a kind” full service Oceanfront Residence development in the Playa Malibu Coronado area.  With only 4 Ocean Pad residences, and 4 Skypads managed by our Admin.

Each unit is 100% maintained, cleaned, painted, repaired, secured, and can be added to the rental pool at any time.  So, say goodbye to the hassle of paying bills, fixings, maintenance, or finding a leasing agent to show your property.  We do it all in house, and we do it well.

1. Onsite maintenance & rental management.
2. Daily cleaning and laundry service.
3. 24/7 security

4. Income stream in place

Our 4 Ocean Pad residences are a 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms apartment on the 1st floor, ranging in sizes from 120-140 sqm, and are available for rent.  

1st floor: Ocean Pads.
Ocean Pad 1:  130 Sqm: $450,000
Ocean Pad 2:  120Sqm:  $420,000
Ocean Pad 3:  125 Sqm: $437,500 

Ocean Pad 4:  140 Sqm  $490,000

Common areas: Guard/Pool/Parking-Social area: 165 meters
Follow us on Instagram @Punta_Malibu, and watch our amazing growth.  We have over 29000 followers and growing fast.