The Scene


I love watching my guests when they first walk into their Ocean Pad. “WOW”. “This is Amazing”.  Then they step outside the balcony, and take in the breathtaking wave actions coming under the balcony.  IT’S ALWAYS A WOW MOMENT.   They say “It’s always better when your product surpasses expectations, and your guests are pleasantly surprised” . So, while we never brag about our amazing Ocean Pads.  WE REALLY SHOULD.

But, With only 6 Ocean Pads, our number 1 priority is always making sure each Pad is private and quiet, and the entire guests count does not exceed our limit. This often means saying no to groups, or parties. And so, we focus on couples and Families.  And yes dogs are cool too.  We never had a group of dogs disturb the peace, and very few dogs drink heavily.  But we understand our limitations, and know our product is expensive for some.  But it’s a good thing.  If it was cheap, the place would get crowded, and defeat the purpose I built it for.
So, come and be my guest. My Ocean Pads are fully equiped and are truly the perfect beach escape for couples and families.
Thank you for being my guests.
Thank you for a great year.
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